Who is coming to this jam?

People are signing up every day! You can see a mostly-updated list of the presenters on our website and some of the friends coming have chimed in on our Facebook group. 

Is there really a free lunch?

Yes! If you register for the entire event we will buy you lunch. Not just one lunch, but each day. This is only for people coming for the entire jam, not for day-passes. We still love you though!

I have commitment issues. Can I register at the jam?

Yes, of course you can, but it will be a bit more expensive. Also, the more people who register in advance, the more awesome things we can plan and bring you.

Who is organizing this Marvin Jam?

This is a huge effort, coordinated by Utah twister Shan Ingleby and an amazing group of volunteers. You can email Shan at shanzany@gmail.com, or text him at +1-801-243-3349. You can meet the entire team here >>

Are kids allowed?

Yes ! Discounted Kid Passes are available on the registration form.  Helen Spackman is our Director of Children’s Class and Jam!

Please note: All kids must have an adult in charge of them — this is NOT a babysitting service.

Why isn't this free?

We all love free, but quality space costs money. We want to make sure that Marvin, Penny, and their balloon friends and fans are safe, comfortable, and able to best twist balloons and share with each other for three remarkable days. We can’t do that in a park or at a diner.

Should we use #marvinjam when posting?

Yup. Tag your posts with #MarvinJam so we can easily see each other’s pictures and posts.

How much is it join the festivities?

The price at the door is $200, or $180 in advance on this website. However, early-bird registration is only $160, and expires on April 1st. So register now!

do i need to pack anything special?

Bring yourself, positive energy, and your balloon bag.

Also, bring a tuxedo for Wednesday night’s Tuxedo Jam.

Will there be vendors?

Yes! There will be vendors offering all sorts of great balloon things.

#MarvinJam April 29 - May 1, 2019

Questions? Contact Shan Ingleby

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